With the World cup upon us, It’s time to get chanty. It’s time to set the mood for England’s inevitable World Cup exit in the last 16. It’s time to listen to ten of the best England World Cup songs.

10: We’re on the ball – World Cup (2002)

First on the podium, it’s Ant and Dec. Dec can drive.

9: Sport Relief’s Greatest Day World Cup (2014)

The less said about this the better.

8. The Diamond Formation – Russia Calling (2018)

This Alan Partridge-inspired effort is about as good as it get’s for 2018. The lyrics “Vardy’s got his roubles, now he needs some Stirling through-ball” is enough to make up our 8th spot

7. On Top of the World – Spice Girls Feat. England United (1998)

Essentially, this is Spice Girls, Echo and the Bunnymen and Ocean Colour Scene desperately squeezing the last drops out of the ‘Girl power’ and ‘Brit-pop’ movements of the 90’s. The result…a semi-average World Cup tune.

6: Shout for England Feat. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden (2010) 

Based on our exploits at the 2010 World cup, sampling ‘Tears for Fears’ sounds about right.

5. World at Your Feet – Embrace (2006)

To use a quote from ‘Acquiescence’ in the comment section; “this is better than I remember it being”. Which is exactly what we think here at ITS. In fact, there is something to rejoice about this song. 2006 was the last time England won a knock-out game…

4. World Cup Willie – Lonnie Donegan (1966)

World Cup Wille (Wille being out World Cup Mascot) – was quoted as Englands ‘secret weapon’. I guess it worked…

3. Vidaloo – Fat Les (1998)

Fat Les is about as gloriously 90’s as you are going to get. Made up of Brit-pop darling Alex James, actor Keith Allen and cow-cutting artist Damien Hurst, the group take visual inspiration from Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony to deliver a perfect video for this iconic tune.

2. Three Lions ’98 – The Lightning Seeds feat. Baddiel and Skinner

Originally made for Euro 96, Three Lions got a revamp for ’98. Tea may be for Heroes dressed in Grey, but I’m going to raise my English breakfast to The Lightning Seeds. Second on out list.

1. World In Motion – New Order Feat. John Barnes (1990)

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